Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bethany's Craft Club

My cute daughter is a little craft queen in the making.  She shares my Pinterest addiction and has her own boards on my page.  What does one do with all these ideas?  Throw a party!

The girls pose at our favorite quilt store (Pine Needles) at Gardner Village.

Bethany has started her own "Craft Club" with friends and had her first project party over the weekend.  The project she chose was this cute ruffle necklace made with a tutorial from Poppy Chic.
I took the girls over to Pine Needles Quilt Store at Gardner Village to pick out their own fat quarter for the project- must make sure everyone gets exactly what they want!  Of course, you can't go there in October without checking out the witches around the village.

The project itself is quite simple and lends itself well to pre-teen abilities.  I had intended to get photos of the process of the girls making the ruffle necklaces but they were all so happily hyper by that point and I was so busy helping that it sorta didn't happen.

The craft only took about a half hour and then the girls started to play around with make up and dress ups and put on their own crazy fashion show.  It appeared that a fun time was had by all! I am so thankful that my daughter has such great friends.  The girls are all into crafting and getting good grades and being great kids! WHEW!  Every parent wants their child to chose friends well and my girl has most certainly done that.  It was a pleasure to have the ladies in our home.

Now Bethany just has to come up with something great for next time!  I'm sure Pinterest will provide more ideas than we could ever use.  Craft on!


mintifresh said...

That is so stinkin cute! I had a friend in elementary school the I sewed with (I suck at it, really). We made a million pillows and one doll. Sure loved doing it, tho!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What a FABULOUS idea (and a patient woman you are to go shopping with all those girls!) Gardner Village is so fun during Halloween.

Kelly said...

Fun, fun, fun.

Angela Stephens said...

Dana absolutely loves doing crafts at your house. Bethany is such a great friend and I too am very happy my daughter has this group of girls. Relief!

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